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    My history for the last 6 years.

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    My history for the last 6 years.

    Post by Ananaz on Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:48 pm

    Life is a vicious circle both at reality and virtuallity


    October 29th - Discovered roblox but didn't make a account because I was too young to understand anything.
    October 30th - Played as a guest in a place called Super mario 64 on roblox, the first game I ever played


    Registered as my first account, Tipolotipolo. Had some fun played alot of red vs blue vs yellow vs green both tower and planes. Played alot of survive the crash or build to survive too. I shall never forget the old Roblox places. Welcome to roblox building is an example, old ways of driving things. Old interface, old building tools.


    Not much I can remember of 2011, but I remember it starting to be spammed with shitty people.


    That was, one of the worst years I have ever played. Oders that think they are cool are disrespect everyone/CopiedGames, Aka JaredValdez2/Ugly Updates, too much bugs and such. Aka it was the worst year for roblox ever. But one bright side, I met someone called PhineasFletcher2, we founded a group called Dominus Alliance, I was the CO-Owner...


    DA died for a bit. I thought it died but then Phineas that became some ugly name, said it was not dead and he was right, for a while. I made a training place for us to train and it was worthless. In 2014 and 2015 it will die and the age of Rp will start for me at this year.

    Age of RP


    -Bought gmod and started rping on serious server, as a french guy, my english developped intensely. My rp skills also improved
    -Few days later
    -I met SethHayden, we rped on a My Little Pony rp, yes it's strange but it was fun. We had fun it's all that mattered
    -SethHayden and me went intense in our private rp it was fun and we had fun again.
    -Few months later
    -I took a break at roblox and I came back. I met again with sethHayden, and yet we still rped
    -Then I took a break until 2015 arrived.
    -Created my second account that would become my main, Tipolox

    DA was dying slowly in the background, I had left Phineas alone. I am terribly sorry for him.


    14 years old, still playing roblox.
    I connected and joined seth's game. He was like :O. "I thought you left Roblox."...
    It's when I found out he was a administrator to a game smiliar to the place we rped on.
    Not long after he was banned from the place we used to rp. Because of his position of administrator at a rival place to the one he got banned.
    He then stopped playing for few months until I met him on a new account, Doughnot
    Meanwhile when I thought he had quit I met on a rp game, Ancientrosetta, TwistedThicket and Skykirby
    we had so much fun rping it's like reviving the things me and sethayden had together.
    -Few months again-
    We founded our own rp group, our first member was OkamiWarrior. Then we invited more and more people. I was the one more into getting good and new rpers. And then I met Weedege, KawaiiLoli
    I forgot to mention that I met Evan before Ancient. JUst to say. Then when I was rping with weedege and such. Ancient, Skykirby, TwistedThicket started to go unactive and stopped rping with me. I didn't notice it until a few months ago. I felt left alone. Then I found out about a new rp place, Humanity at bay. I rped at it intensely until my computer broke. I had no way to rp with any of you. Until I thought of a plan, creating the forum. I made the forum with all my heart and made a chatbox for us to rp. Then all of you registered and Skykirby and ancient slowly started to be somewhat active. Also, doughnot stopped being active and I have not way to talk to seth again. But not long from present it's all collapsed, people leave the rp group. Less active people. Less rp. Less fun... Everything so far has been a vicious circle. It begins it falls, It begins it falls... I need someone to stop it.

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