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We roleplay on the Chatbox/Gmod/FeralHeart/etc. We are packed of good roleplayers that fight back the bad ones.

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    New Updates v1.2C

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    New Updates v1.2C

    Post by Ananaz on Tue Nov 03, 2015 6:56 pm


    -Replaced the right bottom corner popup button and replaced with a chatbox button in the toolbar for much smoother and easier access
    -Removed Most of New Chatbox functions Chatboxtitle/Avatar on memberlist and status. It was too much and much much chatbox space demanding.
    -Added A Music player on the top of the forum.
    -Added a Sticky Navbar when the navbar gets out of view. And it's toggable off/on
    -Added New Memes Again!
    -Added v1.1 RTAS, (Real Time Alert System) Notifications will appear beneath the toolbar. To post a alert (For adminstrators and moderators only)

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