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    You thought it was too hard to make a app?

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    You thought it was too hard to make a app?

    Post by Ananaz on Sat Oct 24, 2015 10:50 am

    Check this damn crap out. I once made that on another forum for rp. My username was The Shknifer. It was before I moved scotland.

    Steam Name: The Shknifer

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39712614

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: First,
    I never came up with this idea by myself. I never had the actual intention to have this char sadly, but suddenly this guy named "Dad" , which is his steam name, told me that I was a great roleplayer and that he'd like to see me apply for a vampire/lycan char. This guy is the most kindest guy, that I have ever seen on earth. As I found along the inspiration for this char, I finally decided to make it. I declared that I'd fight my own fears of getting my app denied, since I'm French native, I find it hard and challenging. I feel like fighting for the world I'd like to see. I feel like I'd be a great roleplayer and I would like to see me get this app a clear and well earned "Success". Please don't criticize how much my grammar sucks or how I'm never gonna succeed, that's really mean and like I said I'm french native. Not everyone is perfect. Just to have took your time to read this app makes me joyful.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: If you're asking me how much time I spent on this server each day, 5-6 hours the week, 8-9 hours the Weekend. The first roleplay I ever did in my life was a Half life 2 roleplay. Clockwork system of course, the people were so kind to learn me the way to rp. It been 1-3 years I've been role-playing on Gmod. I started to roleplay directly after I bought the game. I started a long while ago 2-3 months before and then stopped for like few weeks then came back. I'd say it been 1 month in total, for the days I was active and playing on the server.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:
    This young girl is said to be, a soft and a very passionate kind of lady. She is told to have green eyes and a Dark Brown tone of hair, as most of the time wearing a black coat with a grey skirt.

    Thanks for reading my app. Thiz my backstoriz..... what it not long enough? Well fukz it.
            Once upon a time, or I should say ... 2016-17 =... fuck I suck at maths... hang on let' me get my calculator... ah I found it 2016-17= 1999...
                Once upon a time, She was born in 1999... wait that's too ugly... ugh fuck this Let's Just say that later...

             Once upon a time,
                 In 1991, two young adults loved each other, few years later they decided to have a marriage they were both happy, back in the days. No one knew that fables existed, but people kept saying in some ugly homeless clothes that the end was near... Of course that what was bullshit, or was it?
                         2 months later after their marriage, they decided to finally have a kid. They were ready for it to pop out, they were so happy until the day she had to make it exit her body. She was in pain, she was dead from the start, few days later after the birth of Anne, the mom died from a disease. From this day her baby would never be able to see her mom, ever again. Unless she does some witch stuff and appears magically when she is 17?.... Lol, Let's continue. The dad was called, John Doe, lol just kidding his name was Carlos Benneth. They haven't found a name for the baby yet. The dad having to do the decision by himself, he chose to call her "Anna 'Amy' Benneth". But this wasn't all, the dad had to go through a depression sate while taking care of the young girl.
        *this is when the fun begins*

           Few years later, she is now 15 years old still under the care of her poor dad, still under depression against huge pain in his emotions. This would be a cruel experience for both the girl and dad, now on he keeps regretting about her birth, wishing she didn't see the life. She was thrown out of her own house rejected by his own dad. People started to hate her dad as they learned that she was rejected because of a long time gone incident. His dad was on a mad road hopeless of his mind. He was near the Sociopath. About to become one of the darkest brutal beast ever known to his daughter.
                    Some day, she was roaming around the streets with a close friend, it just so happened that gang of lycans was on the same streets.This supposed"close friend" bailed out and even said that he didn't give a shit if she'd die. The lycans asked for her money, but she kept saying she had none with hopeless results. Some mysterious man came in and becoming a hero for the girl, he'd kick the shit out of them and make them run a-away. The Man or, the "boy" was holding a silver knife, obviously the lycans in fear ran away. As she wanted to introduce herself to the mysterious boy, he was long time gone... vanished in the deep fog of the dark day. She kept looking over for this mythical person, still no where to be seen. She had to live by herself though, with the help of this boy, giving her stuff time and on. Not even showing his face. This has became some sort of romeo and Juliette story, about to get even closer each other. Giving each other messages, mail, stuff in secret plot spots, without seeing each other. Some few days passed by before the girl finally got the pain once again. This time, it's different. She is knocked out on the shocking last moment before waking up, later in a meat locker legs broken, ties onto the hands and the legs, there would be a stationary radio near her needing some batteries which was actually just right aside her, like a mystery or a enigma that she'd need to solve. Obviously the man wouldn't be the romeo. He wouldn't have her to get legs broken or make her endure pain. By chance she managed to take her pocket knife and get rid of the bindings on her legs and arms. She'd grab the batteries after looking like a idiot searching for something to get her out of here before freezing to death, she'd place the energy source into the socket for these in the communication device, it would be working. She'd pull out a large and deep breath before speaking to a deca member. They'd be immediately dispatched to save the girl. Since his dad would have rejected her. She had to voyage through the countries to land in Canada, Ontario. His uncle named or called "Nate 'Adam' Benneth. Few months and a year later, she was now 16. While long ago her legs was repaired she decided to come back to L.A. , to finally see her "Romeo" Again.. As she'd arrive at her native town. She'd be walking the street like a normal girl before getting attempted to be killed by her own dad, he was obviously a murderer now not giving a single fuck about her. His lover would pop out of the balcony leaping on a dumpster right behind the furious dad, she'd give him a look meaning that obviously this wouldn't be his dad anymore, but a dumb ignore fucking hypocrite person. He wouldn't hesitate stabbing him in the hearth. The man would drop the knife collapsing on the ground.. the girl's and the boy's eyes would meet, finally seeing each other. She'd start by introducing herself, the boy would then do so. This Hero would ask her if she needed some place to rest. She'd say with a pleasure a huge "Yes". Her mouth dropping she'd follow him to the place. He wasn't lying this place would have 2 beds. Small beds. Seems like the boy was living here by himself. Few years later, she was finally 17 years old. While sleeping, some other night. A stranger injected her with a paralyzing poison not harming her and making her by force to not be able to do anything. He'd drag her in his "place".

    Few days later, she was missing. The boy was looking for her with nuisance that he had discovered that one of his "friends" drained her dry in his house. He would grab the man by the collar, trying to tell him what he just did to him. He wouldn't understand, he'd take a knife stabbing his own friend in the stomach running with the girl in his arms. He'd bring her to 4 different places, first the clinic. The clinic was empty of any person as soon he entered, he went back to go back to the apartments. Then at the Deca place, telling him that they couldn't do anything to save her. It was near the last minute before she turned to a ghoul. He had to make a choice. Either he let her turn into a ghoul, or he turn her into one of them. He wouldn't risk the chance of getting her a murderous ghoul that only wants to kill or think to kill or wanna kill.. Ghouls only kill they just want to kill. He turned her.. before few hours or minutes later that she was revived. Hopefully, she didn't know that she was a vampire yet. He kept lying to her about her being "special" so she hadn't thought of controlling herself cause she thought she was a human. Until the day which she nearly drained a other young girl, the fangs hooked out. Hopefully, He was here to prevent the incident, he managed to pull her off of the girl. Realizing that what she did was bad, she'd be in tears while hugging his "boyfriend". It would be only few months later when she learns the bad new that her love, was killed off by a group designed to kill off vampires and werewolves.
    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:
    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth she'd pull out a syringe containing something to make the injected object sleep by force.
    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth would quickly inject the syringe into the man's arm. Then throwing the syringe away.
    **Captive Guy' he would have been injected a sleeping dose, feeling the effects after the injection he'd start to feel sleepy.
    **Captive Guy' his eyes would close, meaning that hes sleeping already he would feel anything if someone went to cut his head straight off.
    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth She'd swing her head the fangs coming out as her eyes becomes a bright red color.
    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth would quickly bite the man's neck as he'd see him sleeping. Liking the flavor she'd keep sucking the blood until none would be left.
    **Captive Guy' would be in pain in his head, still sleeping. His blood would be spreading all over the chair making it become red and permanently coloring it. His skin would become more pale each ml of blood lost.

    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth as she would be sucking the blood even more she'd be hesitating either to or to not suck all the blood.

    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth she'd loose control and she'd be heading straight forward to the option. She'd be sucking him dry.

    **Captive Guy' as he would loose all of his blood, the skin would become a blue taint which he would have died.

    Give an example of Combat RP [10 lines min]:
    **Nate 'Adam' Benneth would be holding Amy's Arms behind her back trying to immobilize her as she is angry.
    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth would pull herself out of his grip. Pushing him on the ground as she would do so.
    **Nate 'Adam' Benneth is pushed on the ground. Before she'd punch him in the face. He'd quickly get back up whining about his back.
    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth as she'd be regaining her consciousness of the acts she would punch him in the face while turning back to him.
    **Nate 'Adam' Benneth would try avoiding the punching, sliding on the ground to make her fall as her stability in the legs would drop. Knowing her weakness is in her legs.
    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth misses her attack, as she falls on the ground face first.
    **Nate 'Adam' Benneth would be grabbing her back of the head trying to immobilize her onto the ground. Making sure that she isn't able to kick/punch him while hes holding her.
    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth would be facing against the ground. She'd try to push him away from the hold. Trying to make him fall at his turn.
    **Nate 'Adam' Benneth would loose the grip thrown on the dumpster behind him, nearly breaking his back by landing on the corner of the container.
    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth would at her turn try to break his jaw, by squeezing it hardly.

    **Nate 'Adam' Benneth would be squeezed lightly biting Anne's fingers. Trying to remove her grip. "Do you know w-who you're fighting against!?"

    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth would yell in pain as she would be bit on the fingers, "Arghhh!!! I don't care you started it!

    **Nate 'Adam' Benneth would breath heavily trying to find an excuse, "Let's just stop... aight?...Let's cool down...I think you broke my damn.. back.."

    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth would turn back to Nate with a large angry look at him, "Fine... I think you're alright" She'd grab his back helping him to stand up.

    Give an example of Passive RP [10 lines min]:

    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth As she'd be walking, she'd be spotting the two strange man, her emotion fading suddenly. As an habitude, she'd be walking straight past them, looking at her boots while walking, she'd wouldn't look in front of her, walking straight into someone.
    **Stranger he'd look down her, the man appearing to be giant to the little girl.
    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth she'd look up at the 6'7 feet man breathing heavily. "S-S.... Sorry!"
    **Stranger she'd turn to the other guys near and then looking back to her as he'd reply, "It's fine.. just look where you go, okay?.

    **Stranger would reply with a brief sigh, "This is a kinda weird introduction but.... I'm Beraldo
    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth she'd turn around showing her back to the man as she'd try to walk away.

    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth would breath heavily turning back to the man, "It's Anne"

    **Beraldo would be questioning himself for few seconds before coming back to the conversation.

    **Beraldo the time would start to fall as few water drops on him, "Nice to meet you, Anne"
    **A strong storm would hit the rain starting to fall, it would immediately become cold on the touch for those who are weak against it. The clothes would become wet as they would be dumped by the heavy raining.
    **Beraldo would say with a hurry that' would never be feared. "Oh well, we should get inside. Or do you want to take your bath?"

    **Anne 'Amy' Benneth she'd pull out her arms to place her hands in the pockets. "Sure, I don't want to get all wet or I won't have to take a bath. Baths are relaxing and I don't want to miss mine"

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